7-9 August 2024
Jakarta International EXPO

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Welcome to the Indonesia International Gift & Houseware Expo, a premier platform showcasing the beauty and innovation of gifts and housewares from around the world.

About IGHE

Indonesia International Gift & Houseware Expo | Indonesia 2024 will take place from August 7 to 9, 2024, at Hall D Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), Kemayoran.

IGHE, as the most prominent international exhibition for the gifts and housewares products industry, and Festival/Party Supplies as top-selling items in Indonesia, offers B2B buyers unique finds, new ideas, and the latest trends for their company.

IGHE offers something for every buyer, from top-selling items: Gift Products, Household Items, and Hospitality Products. This is your buying source with the B2B largest selection of products.

Our Agents

SAHAKA Marketing & Communication Consultancy | Our Agents for Italy & Iran Region

Phone : (+39) 347-863-8318
Email : sahaka@sahaka.net


KYO EXH Connection | Our Agents for Malaysia Region 

Phone : (+603) 2701-3483 , (+6012) 292-7761
Email : phoebekyo@kyoexh.com

Worldex India Exhibition & Promotion Pvt. Ltd | Our Agents for India, Bangladesh & Srilanka Region

Phone : (+91)-(22) 4037-6703
Email : haider@worldexindia.com

CO-ASEAN | Our Agents for South Korea and Singapore Region

Phone : (+65) 9030-2325, (+65) 6362-3512
Email : cedric@coasean.com

Vietnam Exhibition and Event Services Co.,ltd (VNEES) | Our Agents for Vietnam

Phone : (+84)(0)973 583 572
Email : nancy.do@vnees.com



What to expect in 2024?

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About Venue

Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) is one of the leading company in the MICE Industry in Indonesia. As the largest venue area in Indonesia, JIEXPO is becoming one of the best for a MICE solution in Indonesia.

JIEXPO is a subsidiary company of the Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) group, which is known for its experience and reputation in various industries in Indonesia, such as manufacturing, trade and exhibition, agriculture, property development, and many more. This excellent reputation is proven by success in various lines of business in Indonesia.

Indonesian Market

Indonesia, as of 2023, is a fascinating country with a rich tapestry of culture, geography, and history. Here are some interesting facts about Indonesia today:

Diverse Archipelago

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, consisting of over 17,000 islands. This vast array of islands contributes to the country’s incredible biodiversity and cultural diversity.

Indonesia ranks as the fourth most populous country in the world, with a population exceeding 270 million people. It’s a melting pot of hundreds of ethnic groups, each with their own languages, traditions, and customs.

Despite global economic challenges, Indonesia has shown resilience and growth. It’s Southeast Asia’s largest economy and has been making significant strides in sectors like technology, manufacturing, and tourism.

Indonesia faces significant environmental challenges, including deforestation, wildlife conservation issues, and marine pollution. However, it’s also at the forefront of several environmental initiatives, including substantial investments in renewable energy and conservation projects.

Indonesia’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse, with traditional arts like Batik (a UNESCO-recognized textile art), Wayang (shadow puppetry), and Gamelan music being internationally renowned.

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and historic temples. Bali, in particular, is a world-famous tourist hotspot, attracting millions of visitors annually.

The country is rapidly advancing in technology, with a growing digital economy. It’s home to several unicorn startups and is increasingly becoming a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia.

Indonesian cuisine is diverse and flavorful, reflecting its cultural and historical diversity. Dishes like Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Satay, and Rendang are popular worldwide.

Indonesia has maintained political stability in recent years, with democratic elections and peaceful transitions of power. This stability has helped in fostering economic growth and international relations.

Given its strategic location and vast coastline, Indonesia plays a crucial role in international maritime trade. It’s actively involved in regional collaborations to ensure maritime security and sustainable use of marine resources.

These facts highlight Indonesia’s dynamic nature as a country that blends traditional heritage with modern advancements, making it a unique and important player on the global stage.

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